The 2019 Haircut

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Bye bye long hair 2019

One of the biggest stereotypes I experienced as a child was the haircut. Growing up, it was mostly just my parents and me. I have siblings, but they are many years older and things were as if I were an only child. My father was a retired military man and though I loved him dearly, he often judged people by appearance…in private of course. Therefore, haircuts were a big thing during the late 60s and 70s and on occasion, my mom would coax him into letting me grow my hair a little. Like most of my friends in the mid-70s, I had a moppy over-the-ear haircut. Because of this hairstyle stereotype that I grew up with, I felt cool, and defiant, like I was one of the “mini-bike-riding, cuss before they’re old enough kids.” My dad didn’t like mini bikes either, but that’s okay, I was cool enough with a ten-speed bike…oh yeah.

Panning for gold with my mom in Dahlonega, GA around 1972

Those who know me know I have had very long hair off and on through my adult life and just today, I cut it all down again; I’m sure my dad is smiling over in the spirit world.  Afterward, I thought about how there’s still a bit of that self-reflecting stereotype inside me. When I have short hair, I feel as though strangers take me more seriously as a person, and when my hair is long, I think they take me as more of a free spirit. I actually feel all of that. If I were to say there’s no reason for cutting, or growing my hair, I’d be lying. I like my long hair, my guitar, my art and my music. It’s a recipe for a good mood I guess.

This time, I cut my hair because it was just getting thinner and thinner by the day; it was out of control and now, I don’t have to worry about it.  I’m not gonna kid myself with lotions and products. My hair will be short from here on out.


So, for 2019, I resolve to be less stereotypical when it comes to another person’s appearance, while enjoying the freedom of having my own look.  All of us stereotype things in one way or another-some of us are more accepting of people than others. I work hard to not stereotype for any reason. It’s all part of that big goal of getting along with each other.

Peace, love and Happy New Year