Ye Olde Christmas Fare

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My mother, rest her soul, most likely never cooked a Christmas goose or duck in her entire life and that’s okay; the turkey and ham were just fine with that canned cranberry sauce. My job was to check that pop-up … Continued

The Sinking of Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

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Within section 66, lot 37, grave number two of a peaceful, soggy cemetery in south-central Portsmouth, Virginia, John Scott has been resting in peace since November 26, 1941.  According to his leaning veteran’s headstone, Scott died four days earlier, he … Continued

St. John’s Episcopal Church – Hampton, Virginia – 2018

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Established in 1610, St. John’s Church is said to be the oldest Anglican parish in continuous existence in America. Most importantly, the graves date from pre-revolutionary war to today. It was cold, damp and cloudy during my visit. I was … Continued

The Child’s Grave

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When I was three, I realized my little brother wasn’t around one day.  I knew he was sick a lot, and during the several times he went to the hospital, I would stay with my aunt.  I don’t think I … Continued